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A Daily Reminder

Some daily reminders for making an effort—by reflecting, reading, studying, trying new things out each week. So in effect, set your motivation, your intention—your reason for making the effort.

 Be an explorer… Have fun!

  • Think about why you are making an investment in yourself.

  • Are you perhaps “sick and tired” of feeling sick and tired?

  • Are you ready to quit fad dieting and ready to make a long-term investment, a commitment—for you?

  • Do it—because you deeply care about you.

  • Do it—because you want your life to be healthy at all levels: in body, mind and spirit.

  • You make a commitment to be open to learning.

  • You make a commitment to be aware of your choices and their consequences.

  • You make a commitment to be kind to yourself.

  • You make a commitment to a new way of living!

  • You make a commitment to celebrate life-long learning!

An Aspiration:

                                                        May I trust my limitless ability to grow and may I respect the progress I’ve already made

                                                 Become who you truly want to become. Trust that you can do it!

I love who I am and I love who I am becoming.


Unlock your potential!

Say YES to your wild & precious life.


You have within you

All the answers to the challenges you face.

Become your own personal lifestyle trainer

Or in effect, be a gardener to your own mind and life.

Have a deep confidence in your ability to heal suffering

and a deep belief in your magnificent potential.

Tune within for your answers.

As you practice this skill, over time,

You discover your profound wisdom.


                   You become healthier from the inside out!        

Follow three steps towards lasting success: Intention + support + tools = mental health (and body) health! Three Steps to Mental Health.pdf      


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