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A Daily PLAN   A-E-I-O-U + Y: Take Your "MEDS"

Sleep, Breathe, Drink Water, Rest,

AM Meditation, Evening Self-reflection...

Slow down! Take the Time.

Make a commitment to yourself:

A = Abstinence from addictive plan...self-restraint

E = Exercise...physical activity

I = "I"...self-care

O = Others...interact in relationships

U = Uncover feelings...I feel...


Y = Yahoo...I'm grateful! for...




Take your DAILY MEDS: "I pray that I'll non-negotiably take my MEDS - Meditation, Exercise, Diet, and Social connection......out of unconditional love and acceptance of myself I will take my meds...."

Don’t look around and see what the world needs.

LOOK at what you need to truly come alive

and give that to yourself,

because what the world needs is…

"truly alive people",

and give that gift to the world!

-- Harold Thurman Whitman

 Be yourself.

Life is precious as it is.

All the elements for

Your happiness

are already here.





There is no need to

Run, strive, search, or struggle.

Just be.

Thich Nhat Hanh

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