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Discover and Celebrate the Value of Baby Steps!

Here's an actual letter from a coaching client:

Hi Bob, my gosh, I can't believe how much research and information that you share so freely.  Thank you so much for the positive impact that you've already made on my life. Since I talked to you last I have:
1.  Studied the healthy eating and living a more active life sections of your website.
2.  Added many more fruits and veggies to my days
3.  Practiced using meats as a condiment.
4.  Cut out all wheat, rye, and barley (to test and see if I have a gluten allergy)  I'm hoping that it's that rather than Fibromyalgia.
5.  Cleaned out my pantry!
6.  Tried some new foods - namely yogurt, papaya, baked rice chips
7.  Added the fish oil and some flax seed oil to my days (by the way, I found both products at Costco - exactly the products you recommended. I have not been able to take all of what is recommended as yet - as I've been getting heartburn as a reaction, so I'm easing into it.
8.  Added a lot (for me) of exercise to my days. It's so great to know that when I would have had to choose between exercise and house cleaning - house cleaning counts. It's o.k. that I can't do both!  Everything counts! Just because of knowing that, I walk more, use the elliptical machine more, vacuum more, park farther away.  I have more of an understanding that everything countseven just standing up instead of sitting - so I congratulate myself for every activity.  Also, very helpful to me was the notion that even 10 minutes counts!  So, I cherish the times that I physically can and have time to do something for 10 minutes.
9.  Another huge AHAA moment for me was when I read the list of Ten easy things a person could change (I can't even find where I read it) but I had changed all but 2 or 3 of them long ago! 

That enabled me to realize all of the huge work I have put in to being healthier!  I acknowledged what I have done and determined not to give up before the miracle.  SO, I made up my own list of new additional changes I can work towards:

     a.  Limit Nuts
     b.  Limit Cheese
     c.  Add more movement - walk etc.
     d.  Eliminate gluten
     e.  Try 1 new food or food combo per week. 
     f.   Take the fish and flax seed oils
     g.  Work out new ideas for salad dressings
     h.  Learn one new recipe a week
     i.  Drink more water
     j.  Be more careful to take my health supplements
10.  Instead of being my own trainer or lifestyle coach, I have chosen to become my own best MOTHER.  To love and nurture dear little, sometimes rebellious little inner self.

So, this email is to thank you for helping me make the progress that I've made so far, as well as to check in to see what BABY steps I should be considering next.  Thank you so very much!

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