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Your Life--Everything Is Interconnected!

 Your life is your ongoing work of art!

Your moment-by-moment choices shape your life!

Consider how everything in your life connects to and affects everything else. As an example, see below for an actual picture of what is called "hyperlinks." This Website works as a whole. Every page, drawing, picture, article, and Web link connects to every other page. The diagram below (not quite large enough to read) provides a visual representation of how this works.

At an unconscious level, this same process works in your life!

The purpose of this Website is to help you begin to uncover your "links" and to see which choices affect other choices. Once you see that, then you can choose to learn new skills and make different choices. This process, over time, changes your life for the better. Yay, whoopee!

Ecosystem Addiction & Health Management

Every Part of Our Lives Affects Every Other Part of Our Lives.

Everything Is connected!

Invest in yourself to find the answers to the challenges you face.

TRANSFORM the web of patterns that has led to being out-of-balance

into those

that support a healthy body, mind, and spirit!

To investigate an amazing compilation of factors that lead to overweight in the world, check out:

How To Use This Web Site: What to do and where to begin

  Frolic Around the Web site and discover:

The Complex Web Of Weight Management: What are all of the factors that influence you?

Ecosystem Weight Management: Come to see your life as a whole.

Socio-Ecological Model--Looking Beyond the Individual: How does your culture influence you?

Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere! Not a Moment's Peace!

Shine The Light of Self-Care on Yourself to Transform Inner Pain!

For a PDF version of Make An Investment In You--Learn Core Skills.pdf

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