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The Simplest Snack of All

SIMPLE IS BEST!  Fresh vegetables or fruits are the best snack of all!

Take a banana with you to a shopping center and start to munch…people will think, “Boy, that sure looks good!  Wonder where they got that?”  It even has its own holder!  Also works with apples and grapes, as well as, broccoli, cauliflower or baby carrots.  Try it, you’ll see!  You can also draw a “funny face” and a “love note” on the banana.  It takes a little practice.

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 Healthy Snack Recipes


1 cup fat-free milk

½ to ¾ cup frozen fruit  (without sugar)

Use blueberries, strawberries, or mixed fruit

Add sweetener and vanilla to taste.  Rich, delicious!

BLEND using a blender. Add the milk, sweetener, and any seasonings, then add the fruit slowly until desired thickness.

VARIATION: Add nonfat yogurt for a richer-tasting shake.

This shake helped me lose all of my weight. During a HOT summer  I had two cups of fat-free milk and different berries every day. It was SO filling and delicious!



8 oz. plain yogurt

¾ to 1 cup blueberries

Add sweetener to taste

Several dashes of ground nutmeg and cinnamon, to taste

Add spices & sweetener to yogurt, mix in blueberries. Mix.  Blue color will develop in yogurt.  Stir after a few minutes.  Ice crystals will form around the blueberries.  Tastes like chunky frozen yogurt.

OPTIONS:  Use frozen raspberries or strawberries.   YUM!

I use to regularly eat half gallons of ice cream. Finding this substitute allowed me to have a rich, creamy, and chunky frozen dessert without all of the extra calories, fat, or sugar!  You end up having about two cups of dessert and it is nothing more than one cup yogurt and a cup of fruit!  I have this for a snack at least 3 - 4 times each week. Yum!



 -A quick lunch/dinner, or snack.

Toast halves of bagels or English muffins under broiler or in a toaster.

Cover each with tomato slices, tomato paste and fresh onion rings. 

Sprinkle with Italian seasonings.  Top with shredded low fat Mozzarella cheese and a mushroom cap. 

Return to broiler until cheese melts and bubbles.  Serve hot.



Fill ½ whole wheat pita bread with water- packed tuna, fat free mayonnaise, mustard, some thawed frozen peas, and shredded lettuce.



3 ripe bananas, sliced

1-2 T. orange juice concentrate

Dash of nutmeg

1 teaspoon freshly grated orange peel (for garnish)

Slice the peeled bananas and put in a plastic bag in the freezer.  When the bananas are completely frozen, put in a blender, a few at a time, and blend until smooth.  Spoon the frozen pureed bananas into 4 sherbet glasses.  Top with a dash of nutmeg and grated orange peel.  Garnish with a fresh flower from the garden and any other leaves or foliage that would be attractive.

Reprinted with permission from Secrets of Salt-Free Cookery by Jeanne Jones.



Slice a banana and top with teaspoon of low fat chocolate syrup. 



Stir thawed frozen green beans into a serving of canned minestrone soup.



By Lonnie Isaacson, R.D.

2 large potatoes, washed, peeled or unpeeled

1 teaspoon oil

salt & cayenne pepper, to taste

OPTIONAL:  ½ tsp. each of paprika & cumin

Heat the oven to 475ºƒ.  Cut the potatoes in sticks the size you prefer and place in a bowl.  Drizzle the oil over the strips and distribute over the potatoes with your fingers.  Spray the cookie sheet with food-release spray.  Set the potatoes on the sheet in a single layer.

Bake 10 minutes. Turn the strips.  Continue baking, checking, and occasionally turning until strips are golden and tender (10-20 more depending on the size of the strips.)  Sprinkle with salt and other spices.

Lonnie’s family likes to dip them in cider vinegar.


Nutritious & Yummy Snacks

“An ounce of preplanning is worth a pound of fat!”

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

By Bob Wilson, BS, DTR

                    Crunchy/Chewy      Soft/Creamy            Salty/Spicy                       Sweet                         Juicy

Carrots & cucumber

Low-calorie pudding & custard


Dried fruit

All fresh fruit

All raw vegetables

Frozen  & regular yogurt


Frozen fruit





Canned fruit


Asian Pears

Canned fruit

LF tortilla chips

Fruit-see recipes

Hot tomato juice

Rice cakes

LF milkshakes & “blueberry yogurt ice cream”- see snack recipes above

Sharp cheddar cheese

LF shredded soy Mozzarella/Parmesan & Romano cheeses

Cooked yams/sweet potatoes

Red & green pepper

Dry cereals

Jell-O & fruit

Stewed tomatoes (Cajun, Italian, Mexican)

Baked pears & apples


Hot chocolate

LF taco/pita chips


Tomato/vegetable juice

Baked bananas

FRESH carrot or vegetable juices

Melba toast

Ripe pears




Jícama with lime juice and chili powder

Hot chocolate

Frozen fruit-juice bars

LF mini muffins



Jell-O & fruit




Smoked fish

Chunky cinnamon applesauce




Albacore tuna & cocktail sauce

Low-sugar fruit juice bars




Spicy canned chili



Raw walnuts, almonds, pecans, soy nuts


Flavored, baked soy beans – Bar-b-que, Mexican & salted

Cranberry Relish-see dinner recipes






LF mini muffins







 * LF is low fat

See Resources 1 section and discover Bob's portable Strength -Training Food Bag.

See book Snacking Habits for Healthy Living By American Dietetic Association

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