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Practice The Dharma as a Meditation In Our Lives

Last Sunday PM we had a terrific discussion in the Question & Answer session at KCC Tiebetan meditation group, in response to a question:
HOW do we make life meaningful and a practice the dharma even after our meditation sessions?

Here us a summary of the excellent discussion:

  • Consider what are the reasons that make me feel good about meditating?
  • Fill my mind with the dharma (Buddhist teachings).
  • Ask myself: how do I meditate regularly? How can I make this happen?
  • How do I carry loving kindness practice for myself and all other people?
  • Consider totally enjoying each meditation sit!!!
  • Encourage myself to be happy with what I am doing with my life!
  • Don't judge myself and be hard on myself. Be happy with my successes.
  • Celebrate my life!
  • Look at the book Genuine Happiness by Alan Wallace
  • Practice integrating the dharma into other life activities.
  • Recognize my innate awakened mind.
  • "Bookend" my day with taking refuge and remembering Bodihchitta (changing my life to benefit all people): whatever I do today will lead all beings out of suffering. May what I do end suffering!
  • Rejoice in all the good things done in the world--by everyone--all of the time!
  • Look for acts of virtue--where ever I am during the day. See how my life is benefited by countless people every day.
  • Nurture a sence of rejoicing and create a happy mind!
  • Watch out for the habit of pessimism and self-judgment.
  • Contemplate the aspiration that everyone may rejoice in their own virtue.
  • Notice my own goodness--make it a habit.
  • Celebrate the joy that others have in their lives.
  • Remember the kindness of all beings (each person has been my mother in my countless past lives.)

I wanted to share with you several wonderful resources that are amazing! They explore and expand on everything that we talked about in the discussion:

Making Life Meaningful by Lama Zopa Rinpoche:
It is available on-line:

Become your own therapist and making your mind an ocean by Lama Yeshe: I LOVE these books!

I hope that you enjoy all of these teachings and may all human, garbanzo, and kidney beans benefit from our efforts!!

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