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Resources to Help Guide Your Life Back to a Greater Balance


Take Time for Your Life: A Personal Coach's 7-Step Program for Creating the Life You Want : Cheryl Richardson : ISBN 0767902076Take Time for Your Life, Life Makeovers, Stand Up for Your Life, by Cheryl Richardson, (1999 2002), Broadway Books, New York, NY.

Take Time for Your Life: A Personal Coach's 7-Step Program for Creating the Life You Want provides a program for creating the life that is in HARMONY, and allows you to BALANCE THE LOVE AND SUPPORT THAT YOU GIVE TO OTHERS WITH THE CARE YOU GIVE TO YOURSELF! Gives 52 practical & inspiring ways to improve your life one week at a time. 

These books are excellent! Electronic newsletter at:  


Work to Live, by Joe Robinson,  Reclaim your life & sanity! The guide to getting a life!

Also excellent resource is: Take Back Your Time and

You're not imagining it. Almost 40 percent of us are now working more than 50 hours a week. We put in two to three more MONTHS in total hours on the job each year than the Europeans, 2.5 weeks more than even the Japanese. We're now working more than we have since the 1920s. Our already paltry vacations are being stalled, cancelled, and shrunk into non-existence. The result is record levels of stress, burnout, depression, divorce and latchkey kids. And what do we get for all the extra hours? Vaporized 401k's and corporate scandals.

WORK TO LIVE shows you how to beat the unwritten rules of work life, the stuff no one ever talks about that drives overwork, missed vacations, and you to wits end. Find out how to get more time for life and avoid being a gibbering stress case. Get the tools you need to:

Break the Ten Office Commandments, the rules of work life that keep you overdoing it
Escape the automatic stress cycle
Increase your vacation time
Work fewer hours and get more done
Beat the false urgency of 24-7 technology
Set clear boundaries between work and home
Resist pressure from the company and culture to overwork
Practice the Worth Ethic and enjoy the time you clear without a shred of guilt
Rediscover the outside world through the magic of direct experience
Create your Personal Life List (what do you want to do on this planet?)

Another excellent resource is Take Back Your Time Day at:  John de Graff explores excellent ideas about putting our lives back into balance. He explores how we can have a more satisfying, less hurried lives that prioritize relationships and communities instead of products. This is an organization that brings together leaders in the Voluntary Simplicity movement to create new strategies for sustainable consumption, economic justice and balanced lives.

Simplify Your Life- 100 Ways To Slow Down and Enjoy The Things That Really Matter, by Elaine St. James, (1994), Hyperion, New York
The Simple Living Guide, by Janet Luhrs, (1997), Broadway Books, New York This is a really informative and helpful guide.

Changing from the Inside Out: Skills for Resolving Emotional Eating, a workbook and class (if you are in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area). Goals for the class and workbook: Explore the emotional aspects of your weight; Identify personal needs and how to meet these needs; Set realistic expectations; Appreciate & care for your body; Improve overall self-care; Practice eating for health & pleasure; and Create a fulfilling lifestyle. The workbook can be purchased individually for $20. It is EXCELLENT. Call or contact Christine Jensen, RD, Ph.D., individual and small group counseling, 8140 SW 146th Terrace, Beaverton, OR  97007, 503-641-9136,

Peace Is Every Step (1991),The Miracle of Mindfulness, by Thich Nhat Hanh, (1976), Beacon Press, Boston  In Thich Nhat Hanh's book Present Moment Wonderful Moment--Mindfulness Verses for Daily Living*, Parallax Press, (1990). See also Parallax Press Resources for Mindful Living: *From the introduction: This book contains short verses to help us dwell in mindfulness. We often become so busy that we forget what we are doing or even who we are. We forget to look at the people we love and to appreciate them...we don't know how to get in touch with what is going on inside and outside of ourselves...To meditate is to be aware of what is going on in our bodies, our feelings, our minds, and in the world. This is a delightful book that promotes a feeling of joy and of the sacredness of life.

Do you experience imbalances with your finances? Are you so far in debt that it is affecting the way that you live your life? It you find that this is true for you, perhaps visit: I saw Dave on 60 Minutes and thought that his approach and strategies were excellent.

  The Total Money Makeover Book and other books:
Get your finances on track with Dave's simple, easy to use plan for your money. Get the inspiration you need to be debt free from people who have listened to Dave, worked the plan and reached their goals! You save $10!

See  Bob's Story for For ideas on how I GRADUALLY applied the AMAZING WISDOM that is contained in the resources above. Check out:

To help TAKE CHARGE of this pattern, See:

A Daily Reminder

Change your moment-by-moment choices, change your life!

Pay attention! Live in AWARENESS, not just on autopilot.

Notice your PATTERNS. WHO is going to live your life?

YOU or your patterns?

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