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Ruminations by Amber

Allow the mind to turn inward to the Source of thought.
Allow the grief to turn inward to the Source of love.

In the non-doing of Silence, there is no separation.
There is nothing to change, nothing to hope for, need or fear.
Nothing matters, nothing exists.

All is consciousness: consciousness being Silence, consciousness
being Ego.

Pure energy activates all our mechanical, conditioned, inherited
It could not be otherwise.

Each seemingly separate individual is consciousness being
activated perfectly.

When you as Source are ready to have you remember that
everything about you is Source, you are home eternally.

Some are shifted into this knowing without the continued
swinging between knowing and forgetting.

Others go through a period of "detox" or groundlessness as they
stop running away from the pain of being human.

Their identity falls away from thinking they are the doer, the
thinker, the body, our life-story.

They stabilize into the allowing of Silence more and more,
believing in concepts/separation/suffering less and less.

And yet there is never any separation.
There is only the stop.



A very wise teacher once said

there is no need to do anything when you meditate:

no need to stop anything, or

change anything, or

control anything.

You just allow whatever is coming up to come up:




When I meditate, I give my mind the job of

noticing where awareness is hanging out:

the sound of a car,

the itch on my nose,

the irritation in my emotional-body...

And you know what?

When I'm not trying to be silent,

awareness naturally starts falling back into the

silence that was there all along:

The smile in the heart,

the space between thoughts, the peace that passes all mental understanding.

And that still, inward-turned awareness

is who I really am.

Imagine that!

Thank you, Adyashanti and his written teachings: and audio teachings: and video teachings:

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