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Guidelines For Selecting a Holistic, Healthy Living Program

The following are suggestions to consider as you select an outside program to assist you. 

When selecting a holistic healthy living program:

Its focus should be health-at EVERY-size (going inside of yourself for your own answers), promoting the non-dieting approach. Check out: Dieting versus the Non-Dieting Approach section to explore this area. It needs to focus on making it a way of life, not just a temporary solution.

1.   It ought to provide a flexible foundation food planone that provides “flexible structure. It should be based on sound nutrition principles.  The plan should be delicious and enjoyable to eat. A plan you can follow for a lifetime!

2.      The program needs to promote personal independence. It ought to supply practical ideas about applying sound nutrition principles in everyday life—ideas for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. It is essential to provide meal-planning resources for busy lives, recipes, suggestions, tips.

3.      Provide training to help you learn the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger, and provide resources to help you meet emotional hungers and learn the skills of self-nurturing.

4.     It should emphasize the development of FUN patterns of lifestyle physical activity—for self and your family for a lifetime.

5.     It should promote the development of self-management skills (learn the skill of problem solving when things weren’t going well), like becoming “your own personal trainer or lifestyle coach,” with the practice of going within for your answers (Like Overeaters Anonymous' step 4, 10, 11 and the Daily Personal Check-In).

6.     It's essential to discuss the concepts of setting priorities in life and personal balance, with an understanding of our cultural conditioning influences.

7.      It should provide information about referrals to appropriate community resources.

8. The program should include a maintenance component where you develop and apply your own healthful maintenance PLAN. As has been shared, healthy living is managed not cured. For most people learning and practicing all of the necessary lifestyle skills takes from 1 - 3 years.


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