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Personal Reflection


Write Your Own Weight Story

Draw forth what is waiting to be born.

It can be invaluable to write your weight history, especially if we pay attention to significant events surrounding minor or major changes in our weight. I suggest you look back at least a year prior to any significant changes in your weight.

Notice periods when your weight stabilized either at a more desirable weight or at a less desirable weight. Contrast the level and type of stress, emotional, or life imbalance associated with these periods to those periods when your weight either increased or decreased.

Notice when your weight changed in stages. Pay attention to the kinds of stress or emotional balance you were experiencing prior to and during each stage. Try to identify points at which your eating became imbalanced as a method to cope with the distress. If balance was restored, notice what led to it. Was there a long-term impact of any of these experiences? What does this suggest to you about what you might try at this time?

To Work through Your Feelings and Identify Your Needs

Writing your reflections may stir up strong emotions. Such emotions carry a message. I encourage you to complete the Restoring Balance article to help you work through your feelings. This process can also help you identify and express needs. After your exploration, you may want to consider some counseling or other support group.

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