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  My Changes at the Physical Level Developed Further

As I Learned About and Experienced Exercise


PICTURE shows me back packing in nature (at Goat Rocks in Washington State)

Oh, no!  NOT THAT!  Not the “E” word!  Anything but that!  Am I serious?  Nope!  I’m not serious at all.  Exercise doesn’t have to be serious.  It can be fun!  It doesn’t have to be formal, either.  You can sneak it into your life!  I remembered that song “High Hopes” and how that ant could move another rubber tree plant and I sang..."Oops, there goes another calorie, NOW! My goal was to make the “E” word not only  “exercise,” but also “enjoyment.”  How I learned to do this was to focus on FUN, favorite things—things I really liked doing. Things like gardening, going for walks in my neighborhood with friends, and hiking in nature.  That was the key for me: doing those things I already liked to do.

The Resources 1 section  and the Essential Skills #4 section, of this Web site provides support and suggestions to discover enjoyable ways to be more active and vigorous for a lifetime.

See also The Power of Fun: Celebrate Enjoyable Ways To Be Active! for pictures of some of my favorite places and a description of my workout. For FUN ideas for families, visit: Enjoy Cultivating an Active Style of Life for You and Your Family.

When I began to change, the PAIN of being overweight wasn't just psychological for me, but physical. My feet hurt me at 20 years of age, and I wondered if I would even be walking by 50. I experienced constant back pain and frequently visited the chiropractor for adjustments. I was always going to the dentist to have cavities repaired—as many as 13 at one time—because of all the candy and sweets that I was eating and my poor oral hygiene habits. At that time they didn’t have high-speed dental equipment, and as my teeth were being repaired it sounded and felt like a riveting gun was going off in my head. For me, the physical pain was a motivator to get out and do something different.

Over time, the more I did, the more that I was able to do. My stamina and energy gradually increased. My increased physical abilities brought me a sense of awe and appreciation for life. The quality of my life has improved dramatically because I lost weight and became more full of zip. I never would have been able to hike to the Goat Rocks Wilderness Area if I hadn’t made a commitment to myself of regular physical activity. I am SO grateful for the miraculous changes in my life!

I learned to love the wonders of the out-of-doors from my parents and the Boy Scouts. I live next to the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area, which provides many enjoyable hours of healthful, fun physical activity. I plan many backpack vacations and hiking day trips with my friends. We bring along wholesome munchies and have a terrific time.

My mother and two grandmothers were gardeners and I learned the JOYS of gardening from them. I have my mother’s mother’s birdbath and my father’s mother’s birdbath in my side yard; oh what fun! I always feel the presence of my mother and grandmothers when I’m in the yard.

We all arrive at that place where our thinking is confused and reflects a great deal of inner distress. I have found new seed thoughts and insights that I plant into my consciousness at those times.


When I’m confused, cranky, compulsive, discouraged, frustrated, and angry I go out for a walk. Walking for me is like a mini-vacation from my daily routine and worries. It always relaxes and revitalizes me. It is a time for inner reflection. I bring along a piece of paper with the following thoughts listed and one-by-one and consider the following:


Wise beings shape their own lives:

My choosing to take time to consider the following thoughts is a gift to me.


I choose to nurture a sense of joy & contentment!


Remember, I choose my own state of mind.


Loving-kindness & good wishes:

What do I really need right now, in this moment, to be happy?

Am I happy? May I be happy. May I be free! Now.


Compassion: May I be free from pain & sorrow.

May I be free from danger & harm.

May I:

  • Have mental happiness
  • Have physical happiness
  • Have ease of well being


Patience: Let go of the tension to achieve, do, grasp or understand anything. Allow the present moment.


 Nurturing joy:

  • May my good fortune continue & increase!
  • May I feel the joy, playfulness & wonder of life!
  • May I say YES to life!
  • May all of my thoughts and actions be ethical & kind; both towards others and myself.
  • May I CELEBRATE the wonder & beauty of life.
  • May I ACCEPT all of life, as it is and as it isn’t.
  • May I accept and delight in all people—as we are—with all of our complexities, uniqueness, diversity, gifts and oddities.

(Explore Out of Hell, Into Freedom Thoughts for additional ideas.)


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