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Guidance At-a-Glance! What Steps Are You Ready to Take?


Balanced Weight Management and Lifestyle Coaching comprise a toolkit for self-change. Tools don't do anything, YOU do, as you use the tools to discover how you do what you do and begin to make changes. With self-directed learning you can discover those issues or problems that are most relevant to you at the moment, based on your own experience.


You set your own agenda and your own pace. Have FUN with your exploration! I'm here to support you in your journey towards becoming fit & frisky from within!


As you explore below, ask yourself, “What are my root causes of being out-of-balance with my lifestyle choices? What are my patterns?


This approach is about YOU! So, what areas of lifestyle change matter the most for you? What may YOU be ready to explore?



Heart: Other?
Heart: Balance in Life?



*      Receive personalized weight management guidance. Be given support that assists YOU in developing your own healthy eating, activity, and life plan. It’s an ADVENTURE IN DISCOVERY of many small, gradual changes that CAN work for YOU! Also available is a computer nutrition analysis that helps you know if your food choices will keep your body healthy. Software programs are also available.

*     Develop your own FOUNDATION FOOD PLAN that fits YOU! One that you can live with for a lifetime!

*     Investigate how to plan a better menu. Making small changes in what you eat really adds up (in nutrients and health) and down (in extra calories and fat on you)!

*    Explore how to make healthful choices in the kitchen. You learn how to set up your healthy kitchen and pantry to make meal planning easy and doable. It can fit into your daily routines. Experience a kitchen and shopping tour, and food sampling (In Portland, OR). Cut down on anxiety and last-minute confusion about making healthy meals. Discover how to prepare meals quickly. Find out how to be energetic and still lose weight.

  •  Make friends with veggies, fruits, and salads — cool and crunchy...Yum, Yum! And soups too — mm, mm...good!

  •  Discover quick, delicious, practical, and affordable food ideas for “fueling up” your body — day to day.  Ideas about breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks.

*    Eating with more awareness and pleasure--learn to eat less but enjoy it more.


*   Learning how to dine out or attend parties or special occasions and still make choices that support your health goals.


Discover reliable sources of basic nutrition — find out what your machine needs and where to get it. Go beyond fads towards lasting well-being.



*       Find out how to build and maintain a robust self image (self esteem). Experience more JOY & delight in life as you begin to fall in love with YOURSELF.

*       Improving your self-esteem and self-talk as you transform the tone of your relationship with yourself and learn to be your own loving friend.


*       Practicing the art of self-nurturing and loving self-care through exploring choices that are "euphoric but non-caloric."

*       Uncover the skillful lifestyle path with weight-loss maintenance RESOURCES for the Health of the WHOLE person.

*      Finding social support for your journey of change?

  •  Uncover the skillful lifestyle path with weight-loss maintenance RESOURCES for the Health of the WHOLE person.


*    After a coaching session, you will receive tailored feedback (e-mail) and links to great articles and resources for personal mastery.

*    Becoming your own gentle observer & lifestyle coach — develop “your witness self” — while noticing habits and daily patterns — and planning small substitutions that can work for you.

*     Practice the skill of making effective and fun changes in your life!

*    Use the PROBLEM CHECKLIST! Discover what to do when you want to EAT. Become skilled at handling problem foods, problem situations, and problem times.

*    Transform BINGEING! Discover how to regain control when you get off track.

*    Use the hunger scale and Daily Personal Check-in. Turn up your inner volume to listen to your body and various hungers — they will talk to you!

*    Discover practical, joyful movement for your body and how to fit it in (even if you have limiting health conditions).

*    Learning the skill of self-management by overcoming barriers through practical problem solving. This will lead you to discover solutions that can work for you!

  •  Delve into personalized resources that help you develop essential skills for lifetime weight control.

*       How about any others? What would be FUN to learn about? What calls to you?




Now that you have thought a little more about this, pick out one or two areas that you think are the most important. Begin by exploring Small Baby Steps Lead to Success!



*    With respect to the one or two skill areas you have just chosen as being most important, what are some of the reasons you would want things to stay just the way they are? What are the reasons not to change?


*    Think again about the reasons for changing. How important are they to you at this time?


*    If you did choose to make a change, how confident are you that you could actually do it?



Delve into the Change? Who Me? How? section for ideas of how to begin to make changes.



Pay a visit to the Essential Skills section of this Web site for many suggestions to help transform "root causes" of being overweight.


Visit the resource section for an extensive list of resources in each topic area.


Don't look around and see what the world needs.

LOOK at what you need to truly come alive and give that to yourself,

because what the world needs is…“truly alive people”, and give that gift to the world!

-- Harold Thurman Whitman




FEES FOR COACHING: $55.00 per hour

I have a sliding-fee schedule to accommodate people of all income levels, and I can make creative accommodations. Before you make expense into an excuse, let's talk. I may be able to provide you with inexpensive options you haven't considered.

Fill out and send the "Feedback Form" ("click" on the form at the very TOP of the coaching page) that tells me about you:

Please include the following information:

Please include the following information:

  1. Describe what area of lifestyle coaching you want to explore.

  2. Your name, address, and phone number, including area code

  3. Your time zone, and the best times/days to contact you

  4. I will call you to set up a time for me to call you (my time zone is Pacific Standard/or Daylight Time Zone (in Portland, Oregon). During this call you can explore if my coaching services seem right for you. You will not be charged for this short call. As you choose which areas to explore, I will call you back.

  5. I do not accept checks at this time, nor accept insurance billing. An excellent payment option is to use PayPal where you can use a credit or debit card. Once you have paid for the coaching call I will then call you back for the first coaching session.

  6. PayPal payment option:

    Reap Your Harvest of Health and Friskiness!

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