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What You Plant Is What You Get!

  Your Moment-by-Moment Choices Shape Your Life.

You BECOME what you think, what you eat, and what you do!

Consider that You Create Your Life with Each Choice You Make.

Discover How to Be a Skillful Gardener In Your Own Life.

Learn to Plant the Garden of Your Life With Seeds of Wellness!

Bob Wilson DTR and Megrette Hammond RD

When drops of water fill a jar, the first drop does not fill it,

Nor the last, nor each drop individually.

Yet, eventually, the jar fills up due to all the drops together!


The same is true for health. There is no single food or exercise that makes you healthy. If you want to experience health, you have to do many things that promote health. When we group these individual things together they form our intent. A person’s intent can be thought of as an invisible force that creates direction and helps generate motivation.

Part of changing our health is seeing how our daily actions are are like those drops of water. Over time they mold our bodies and minds into who we are, right now. So pause and reflect, not in a critical or harsh way, but with a loving curiosity about your choices today. Ask yourself “What am I doing to create a healthy intent?” Begin to explore any feelings of health and well being resulting from your choice. Awareness of the moment is the key to find out which choice helped you and which choice you can let go of. Over time this awareness helps you to make decisions for a life that is well lived!

 If  you want the result (being more fit and healthier),

You have to create the causes (the daily lifestyle choices)!


All things dependently arise due to causes—be it disease or well-being.

Notice in Your Life That Everything Is Interconnected!



Your moment-by-moment choices shape your life!

Be aware of cause and effect.

Everything we say, do, and think forms ourselves.

We are molding our minds (and bodies) into the shape we become.




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Seize the Moment!



If you want to avoid the suffering of illness, then consider making healthful choices.

If you want happiness, then cultivate choices that bring that to you.



Out of stillness and right planning comes a life that is well lived.


How to Develop a Loving, Self-Nurturing, Inner Voice For You!

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Loving-Kindness: Learn to Befriend Ourselves, Others, and Our Own Experiences


Success = Problem Solving + Practice + Persistence + Patience + Personal Kindness ---> New Habits!

Success = Just Begin Again--No Matter What Happens!


Notice The Web of Existence: Patterns, patterns everywhere. Not a moment’s peace.

Don't just learn how to lose weight...but discover how to BE HEALTHY for life!

Gallop along into The Horse of Healthy Habits


The secret of health for both mind and body...

is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future,

or not to anticipate troubles, but to live wisely and earnestly in the present moment.

The teaching of Buddha

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